Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four Seasons Wall Decor

 This frame is ready to decorate your room year round with and insert for all four seasons.  These are just one of many projects available for sale in my booth at the Knox County Scenic Drive in Knoxville, October 6 & 7, and October 13 & 14.  I only made the seasons, but it would be so easy to also create inserts for the many different holidays throughout the year.  This particular set is being
 offered for $15.00.  Quite a bargain for what is included, don't you think?

I also make similar frames with individual first names (usually kids), or last names with wedding dates.  I've also done family groups.  These are $10 for simple inserts that measure 12 x 5.  Prices vary for different sizes.  Just give me a call if you are

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