Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Scenic Drive Crafts

Lip Balm Folders w/ Avon Lip Balm
Night Before Christmas Scroll

Travel Tic Tac Toe game

inside game board 

Tealight Candles
You may be wondering if I'm ever going to be done showing pictures of the crafts I've made for the Knox County Scenic Drive coming up the next two weekends.  The answer would be, yes, eventually!  LOL  These are just a small selection of things I'll be selling in my booth in Knoxville, IL.  If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello.  I'd love to see you.

The Lip Balm Folder is one another demonstrator shared.  I copied the instructions for the folder itself, then decorated to my taste.

Have you ever read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to you children on Christmas Eve?  I know I did when my children were younger.  It became our tradition after Christmas Eve Candlelight Service to come home and read this story.  A couple of years ago, another demonstrator, Lynn Pratt, designed a Night Before Christmas 'SCROLL'.  I liked the idea so much, that I made several and gave them to family members to read to their children.  This year we welcomed another great-nephew into the family, so he'll probably get a scroll this Christmas.  I have also made just a few to sell at the Scenic Drive.  If I sell out, I'm willing to take orders for more.  They are $10 each.

Tic Tac Toe remains one of my kids favorite games on paper when they are bored and don't have access to other activities.  These games are even better than the paper version, since they produce no trash.  The game pieces are also magnetic, so it is the perfect traveling game for the kids.

For the finer decorators, the tealight candles are some of my favorite.  The flowers are cut from colored craft metal sheets, then embossed for an elegant look and layered on top of glass or mirrored candle plates.  The tealight has a small band of colored metal glued on the side, so when the candle burns down, just insert a new candle.  They slide in and out very easily.  I will also take orders for these when I run out, but will have to order more metal sheets before they can be completed.

Again, I hope you get the chance to stop in and say hello one of the next two weekends in Knoxville.

Happy Stamping,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four Seasons Wall Decor

 This frame is ready to decorate your room year round with and insert for all four seasons.  These are just one of many projects available for sale in my booth at the Knox County Scenic Drive in Knoxville, October 6 & 7, and October 13 & 14.  I only made the seasons, but it would be so easy to also create inserts for the many different holidays throughout the year.  This particular set is being
 offered for $15.00.  Quite a bargain for what is included, don't you think?

I also make similar frames with individual first names (usually kids), or last names with wedding dates.  I've also done family groups.  These are $10 for simple inserts that measure 12 x 5.  Prices vary for different sizes.  Just give me a call if you are

Thanks for checking in!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scenic Drive preparations

I've been extremely busy the last few weeks getting ready for the Knox County Scenic Drive in Knoxville, IL.  It is the first two weekends in October.  This is just one of many items that will be for sale in my booth.  If you're in the area, I hope you will stop by and see me.

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Stamp Sets for Sale

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