Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blessing of the Backpacks

     Yes, it's back to school time across the country.  Some children have already started school, sports practice has started at others, and the first day is just around the corner. 
     At church this morning, the minister asked all the children to bring their backpacks to church next Sunday for the "Blessing of the Backpacks"  The church we recently attended for many years used to have this ceremony for the kids just before the start of school.  A friend of mine made cute tags for the kids to hang on their backbacks.  So, being the creative person that I like to be (or borrowing of ideas,lol), I asked the minister if I could do this for the kids.  She really liked the idea, and asked if I could maybe include a few extras for the school supplies purchased for local drives.  These were pretty easy to make in just one afternoon.  This picture shows the front and back and these are also laminated for longer wear.
     These tags are made using a combination of current and retired products, which I will do when giving something away or making cards to sell, but not when I'm showing off new products to my customers.
     What I really like best about this kind of tag is giving children a reminder that God will be watching over them during school, and their church is standing with them in spirit during their day.
     May God bless all the children as they return to school, and may you have fun creating something to remind them that you are there for support and God is always there, too.

Happy Stamping,


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